Aftercare & FAQ

Aftercare advice on how to make the most of your treatments & frequently asked questions….

Lash Extension Aftercare

Avoid getting lashes wet for first 24 hours after having either a full set or infill.

Avoid any products around the eye area containing any type of oil – oils start to break down the lash glue and you will find your lash retention will be poor.

Brush your lashes regularly and clean them – especially if you frequently wear eye make-up.

Do not apply mascara to your lash extensions.

We would recommend infills every 2-3 weeks depending on your lash retention.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours after treatment – your lashes will still be setting, by getting them wet you will be undoing the work.

Always brush lashes after cleansing your face/showering etc for the lashes to ‘Lift’.

Top up on your lash tint after 3 weeks to revive your lash lift.

Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare

Avoid contact with water or steam around the eye area for 48 hours after treatment.
Avoid makeup in brows for 48 hours.
After Cleansing face/showering etc style brows.
Tint brows regularly to revive the lamination.

ProPower Peel Aftercare

After treatment you may experience some tightening of the skin, which may last for several days. Light flaking may begin within 1-3 days and will usually subside within 7-10 days; however, it is impossible to predict this shedding process.
Apply sunscreen protection (minimum SPF30) daily following treatment.
Do not pick or peel at scabs, blisters or loose skin, as scarring may occur.
Follow the prescribed post-care instructions.
Avoid excessive heat sources (such as sun exposure or dry saunas and steam rooms).
Avoid direct sun for 2-3 weeks.
Do not wax or use any type of exfoliating products for 72 hours, or until your skin shows no signs of sensitivity on the treated area.
Avoid strenuous exercise or any activity that could lead to increased blood circulation to the face for 24 hours following treatment. (This can cause an increased warming effect, which could result in discomfort, redness, inflammation, swelling or other side effects).

Please do not hesitate to contact us, with any concerns or for additional advice following your peel.

Million Dollar Facial Aftercare

Always use SPF 40/50 minimum.
No swimming or exfoliation for 7 days after treatment.
No excessive exercise for 24 hours.
Mild headaches can occur due to lymphatic drainage.
No other facial treatments for 2 weeks after.
No heat treatments for 48 hours after (sun/sauna/steam).
Stay well hydrated.
Avoid products such as Retinol/Vitamin A Retinoids for 7 days prior to treatment and 7 days after.
Skin can feel dry with some mild flaking around day 3/4.

Microdermabrasion Facial Aftercare

A minimum of SPF30  is strongly advised for a minimum of 5 days after having a treatment.
Avoid heavy makeup for 12 hours.
No AHA’s, Glycolics , Retinol, Anti-ageing products or exfoliating products for 48 hours.
No swimming, facial waxing, electrolysis, or fake tan application for 24hours.

Massage Aftercare

After any massage treatment be sure to drink plenty of water. We will have drained away toxins, by drinking water you will be aiding the work we have done.
Its possible to feel achy up to 48 hours after a massage, especially if we have concentrated on specific areas of concern and/or tension.

Spray Tan Aftercare

It will take up to eight hours for your spray tan to fully develop, so try not to shower or bath in this time. Taking lots of showers or spending time soaking will fade your tan, so keep your washing sessions as brief as possible if you want to maintain your tan for longer.
Similarly, vigorous exercise and swimming should also be avoided for at least the first 24 hours as this can affect the development of your spray tan and can prevent you from achieving the optimum depth of colour.
After your spray tan has developed completely and you have washed off the guide colour, keep your skin well moisturised. Generous moisturising will prevent your skin from drying out and will keep your tan looking incredible between treatments.

Semi Permanent Makeup Afrecare

For the first 7 days after treatment – Avoid all creams other than the Phishield, make up (foundation) in the eyebrow area, avoid workouts that will make you excessively sweat, sauna, steam, facial massage.
In the next 30 days – sunbathing, sunbeds, light therapies, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasions, creams that contain regeneration ingredients. Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area because they can destroy the pigments and cause burns. Use of antibiotics and hormone therapy can cause pigments to fade faster. Always protect the brows from the sun with SPF (not in the first 7 days).

Will Acrylics/Gel ruin my nails-

Extensions should not ruin you natural nail if done by a qualified nail technician. Correct nail preparation, application and removal is essential in keeping the natural nail healthy. At Beaute we do not use electric nail files which cause damage to the nails, instead we file by hand. Following the correct aftercare advice and not picking at your nails then we can ensure you have long lasting gorgeous healthy nails!

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Patch Testing

We require patch tests for certain treatments to check you do not have an adverse reaction to any of the products we will use during your treatment. Ideally we ask that patch testing is done a minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment. You will not require an appointment for this, just pop in within our opening hours & we will be happy to assist you. If you cannot attend the salon before your appointment for patch testing, please make us aware – we can usually proceed without if you are happy to sign a disclaimer.

Cancellation Policy

Your beauty treatment time appointment is reserved specifically to you. Therefore we ask that where possible you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We regret that cancellations after the required 24 hours notice period will incur a 50% charge of the treatment cost. We appreciate that sometimes late cancellations are unavoidable and we will use are discretion in certain circumstances. However we are sure you will appreciate that for every client that fails to show, means another client is turned away. This means the salon suffers a financial loss.