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Eyebrow Tint
£ 11
Eyelash Tint
£ 16


Classic Full Set Individual Lashes Individual lash extension is applied to one of your natural lashes. We use a range of lengths, curls and thicknesses to create the look you dream of!
£ 65
Classic Infill (2 Week)
£ 27
Classic Infill (3 Week)
£ 32
30 Minute Top Up
£ 17.50
Hybrid Full Set Lashes A combination of two different lash application techniques. Classic Individuals to extend the lash with Russian volume lashes between. To create a textured, spikey look.
£ 70
Hybrid 2 Week Infill
£ 33
Hybrid 3 Week Infill
£ 37
Full Set Russian Volume Lashes Ultra fine lashes that are much thinner than your classic lash. This enables us to apply between 2 -8 lashes in a fan-like shape to give you VOLUME!
£ 80
Russian Volume Infill (every two weeks)
£ 38
Express Lashes Using individual lashes but just placed on top of your natural lashes. These lashes are a lot quicker to apply but only last up to 2 weeks. Perfect for special occasions.
£ 28
3D Lashes Applied in the same method as express lashes but layered to create a thicker look.
£ 35
Lash Removal (time dependant)
£ 10 - 15
Lash Lift Lifting your natural lashes right from the root giving the appearance of longer thicker lashes. lasting 6 - 8 weeks and includes lash tint.
£ 42


Beauté Brows A combination of waxing, threading, tweezing, and tinting. We aim to create your most desired shape using these tools!
£ 23
Eyebrow Lamination The latest brow treatment to help give you a thicker fuller, uniform brow shape without the use of needles. We can create arches, extend tails, tame unruly brows and create the latest fluffy look. Results lasting up to 6 weeks.
£ 38

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